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Why Study Philosophy?

Why Study Philosophy? Many students ask: “Why Study Philosophy?”  As mentioned in my last blog, Philosophy students are often amongst the most rounded and employable students. There are many advantages of being a philosophy student, that are subject specific and more generic. Philosophy – Subject Specific Skills The skills gained from a philosophy qualification include… […]

What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy? Some students are scared away by the idea of Philosophy A-level.  Philosophy is not often studied at GCSE, although some Schools now do P4C – philosophy for children. But it is becoming increasingly popular at A-level. Philosophy graduates are some of the most rounded and employable students. So what is philosophy? Seeking […]

Welcome to the Philosophyzer!

Welcome to the philosophyzer blog! I am here to guide you through your philosophy studies, and discuss some exciting philosophical questions. Well done to all of those fabulous philosophers who recently received their A-level results! A great first read for you coming up next on What is Philosophy? The Philosophyzer.

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