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The Problem of Evil – St Augustine’s Response

The Problem of Evil The problem of evil in philosophy is often known as the Epicurian trilemma, as it was developed by Epicurus. The problem of evil basically argues that there is evidence for evil and suffering in the world. Either God does not love us and therefore does not stop it (he is not […]

Exam Stress Tips: How to Cope with Exam Stress

The exam period is approaching. Many of you have forthcoming examinations, particularly at AS and A2. This time of year, exam stress can get you down. I have put together five top tips for dealing with exam stress. Exam Stress Tip #1 Eat and Sleep Properly If you are not sleeping and eating properly, you […]

What is the Via Negativa?

What is the Via Negativa? The Via Negativa (also called the Apophatic Way) focuses on explaining the nature of God by focusing on what God is not (‘apophatic’ comes from the Greek term ‘to deny’). The via negativa is based on the fundamental belief that ‘God’ is beyond human understanding and description – ‘He’ is […]

Easter Sunday – The Meaning of Easter to Christians

Although many people immediately think of Christmas as the most important date in the Christian calendar, Easter actually has a great deal of religious significance. In fact, most Christians would argue that Easter is the most important time of year. What is the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Good Friday – Jesus is […]

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