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Braithwaite – An Empiricists view on the Nature of Religion

The Non-cognitive view Taking up the challenges put down by Flew and earlier by A.J.Ayer, R.B. Braithwaite, a Cambridge professor, delivered a lecture in 1955 which became something of a classic. It was called ‘An Empiricist’s View of the Nature of Religious Belief‘. An Empiricists View of the Nature of Religious Belief In the lecture, […]

The Problem of Evil – St Augustine’s Response

The Problem of Evil The problem of evil in philosophy is often known as the Epicurian trilemma, as it was developed by Epicurus. The problem of evil basically argues that there is evidence for evil and suffering in the world. Either God does not love us and therefore does not stop it (he is not […]

What is the difference between A Priori and A Posteriori? What are analytic and synthetic statements?

What is the difference between A Priori and A Posteriori statements or arguments? A Posteriori statements are statements or truths ‘post experience’. In other words, you have to have experienced something in order to make the claim. Remember it because ‘post’ means after – after experience. A Priori Philosophical statements are based on logic A […]

Philosophy Mugs – Great gifts for Students!

Philosophers love to drink tea whilst philosophyzing! We found this great selection of Philosophy Mugs online. To purchase any of these mugs, click on the image. To see more philosophy mugs, follow this link.

Platos Theory of Forms – What does it really mean?

Following on from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, we should discuss Platos Theory of Forms. Plato suggests that the world we live in is a world of appearances but the real world is a world of ideas that he calls Forms. The thinking behind Platos Theory of Forms Plato believed that what we can see […]

What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy? Some students are scared away by the idea of Philosophy A-level.  Philosophy is not often studied at GCSE, although some Schools now do P4C – philosophy for children. But it is becoming increasingly popular at A-level. Philosophy graduates are some of the most rounded and employable students. So what is philosophy? Seeking […]

Welcome to the Philosophyzer!

Welcome to the philosophyzer blog! I am here to guide you through your philosophy studies, and discuss some exciting philosophical questions. Well done to all of those fabulous philosophers who recently received their A-level results! A great first read for you coming up next on What is Philosophy? The Philosophyzer.

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