Why Study Philosophy?

Many students ask: “Why Study Philosophy?”  As mentioned in my last blog, Philosophy students are often amongst the most rounded and employable students. There are many advantages of being a philosophy student, that are subject specific and more generic. Philosophy – Subject Specific Skills The skills gained from a philosophy qualification include… Report Writing Skills … Read more

What is Philosophy?

What is philosophy?

Some students are scared away by the idea of Philosophy A-level.  Philosophy is not often studied at GCSE, although some Schools now do P4C – philosophy for children. But it is becoming increasingly popular at A-level. Philosophy graduates are some of the most rounded and employable students. So what is philosophy? Seeking rather than Finding … Read more

Philosophy Books: What to read for Philosophy A-level 

Philosophical Texts:  With Philosophical texts, it’s useful to have a guide alongside. The one’s listed here are a great help when it comes to understanding the meaning of the text and for developing own ideas and arguments Descartes Meditations & A guide for Descartes Meditations Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil & Nietzsche Guide Plato, The Republic … Read more