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Welcome to the Philosophyzer, let’s study Philosophy!

Do you study Philosophy at A-level or degree level? Do you want to read regular blogs about philosophical issues to help you to understand them? https://www.devonhealthandwellbeing.org.uk/buy-viagra-sildenafil-online-uk/. Do you want to have fun discussing some of the greatest philosophers such as Nietzsche, Descartes and Socrates? If so, this blog is for you!

I am here to guide you through your questions and philosophical ideas as you study philosophy. I will be outlining some relevant material, and suggesting further reading. I will be asking and discussing relevant questions, such as “What is Philosophy?” and “Why Study Philosophy?”


But mostly, I am here to facilitate your ideas, so please comment on my blogs! Blogs will be released regularly. I aim to blog about a different topic every month and may do a few extra. Please remember that we are teachers, and blog voluntarily, so apologies if blogs are not going out at our busiest times.

If you really want to get interactive, you can follow Philosophyzer on Facebook too.  We will be testing your Philosophy knowledge and suggesting great resources on a weekly basis.

The Philosophyzer

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  1. Your think your reality is based on your perception, your perception is what you think you know, I ask you what do you really know, if perception is founded on what you know, not what you think you know, then your perception is your past and the only real truth is your thoughts which are your present.


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