Top 5 Philosophy Books for the New Term

It’s back to school time, Philosophers! I’m really looking forward to the new term. Today, I am here to recommend the best books for you new Philosophy course. Philosophy is a fantastic course to study. Your brain will be challenged with rational and ethical thinking. Why is Extra reading of Philosophy Books Important in your … Read more

Should I Study Philosophy?

First of all, congratulations to everyone on their great GCSE results this year. I hope that you are happy with your results, and that you are now aspiring to work towards further study, which is a great decision. However, choosing the right further education courses can be difficult, you are still quite young to be … Read more

What is the difference between Direct Realism and Indirect Realism?

As philosophers, it is natural to investigate the issue of perception. When objects are perceived, do they exist independent of our minds? Here are the two main interpretations: Direct realism Direct realism is the idea that the immediate object of perception are minded independent objects and their properties. Direct realism is often referred to as … Read more

Easter Sunday – The Meaning of Easter to Christians

Although many people immediately think of Christmas as the most important date in the Christian calendar, Easter actually has a great deal of religious significance. In fact, most Christians would argue that Easter is the most important time of year. What is the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Good Friday – Jesus is … Read more

Solar Eclipse 2015 – Cause of the Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2015 – A Fantastic Astronomical Display The recent Solar Eclipse was a fantastic display – the best astronomical display this decade. Some would even go to say it was the best astronomical display of the century! The eclipse could be seen in most areas of the UK, despite some restrictive cloud coverage. Some … Read more

Top 10 Philosophy Movies

Do you Study Philosophy at College or University? Watching philosophy movies is a great way to explore philosophical issues and questions such as ‘Does God Exist?’ and ‘Is there an afterlife?’ Top 10 Philosophy Movies This selection of philosophy movies is great for a philosophy student or for a teacher to use in the classroom, (this … Read more

How to answer Philosophy Exam Questions

The classic problem with students answering philosophy exams is that they just don’t get to the point. Many students see a single word in an exam question, and go off on one, writing everything that they know about that topic! With the A-Level and IB philosophy exams recently marked, many examiner’s reports will state that … Read more