Top 10 Philosophy Movies

Do you Study Philosophy at College or University? Watching philosophy movies is a great way to explore philosophical issues and questions such as ‘Does God Exist?’ and ‘Is there an afterlife?’

Top 10 Philosophy Movies

This selection of philosophy movies is great for a philosophy student or for a teacher to use in the classroom, (this is what I have based the choices on). They are also exciting movies for anyone who has an interest in….well….anything bizarre or supernatural!

My Top 10 Philosophy Movies list raises questions about God, afterlife, reality and the mind. They also feature top actors such as Keanu Reaves and Leonardo Di Caprio. So put your feet up, turn the lights down, and watch a good philosophy movie tonight.

#10 Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey plays the role of Bruce, who is suddenly blessed, or burdened with the powers of God. As exciting as it seems in the beginning, Bruce soon realises that with this power comes great responsibility.

Bruce Almighty is a comedy, and works really well in the classroom, especially with years 9-11 studying God’s omnipotence.

#9 The Green Mile

The Green Mile, starring Tom Hanks, is an excellent film for Moral Philosophy and Ethics. It focuses on the issues of capital punishment.

#8. The Truman Show

How do we know that life is really as it appears? How do we know that it is not all set up as one big experiment? The Truman show follows Truman’s life, which is exactly that – a set up. How would human beings react in this situation?

Again, Jim Carrey plays a comical role in this must see Philosophical film.

#7 Clockwork Orange

Clockwork orange is not to be taken lightly! This is one of my favourite films EVER! It touches on some serious moral issues including violence and psychological conditioning.

#6 Schindler’s List

Schindler’s list tells the emotional story of businessman Oscar Schindler, who took Jews into his factory during the Holocaust to save them from Hitler’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ at the Nazi death camps. This movie raises a lot of ethical issues for philosophical discussion.

#5 Blade Runner

#4 Minority Report

Can you be arrested for a pre-crime, or a crime that you have not yet committed?

#3 The Lovely Bones

When a young girl is brutally murdered, issues of ethics and life after death are raised. Is there really a life after death? Do some people not progress to heaven until certain things are resolved? This excellent drama explores these issues.

#2 Inception

#1 The Matrix

Starring Keanu Reaves, this is the perfect philosophical film that addresses the reality of existence. How do we know what is real?

Neo knows that there is something not quite about reality. Should he take the pill offered to him by Morpheus, that releases the truth about the world?

This is a fantastic philosophical film. How do we know if we are in reality or not? This film also offers parallels to Christianity, with Neo as Christ and Morpheus as John the Baptist, the forerunner.

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  1. Have you seen the film “In Time” by Andrew Niccol? It questions the idea of money through the idea of mortality. What would power do to maintain its control over the species if we could make ourselves immortal?


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