Philosophy Mugs – Great gifts for Students!

Philosophers love to drink tea whilst philosophyzing! We found this great selection of Philosophy Mugs online. They are perfect for A-level and University students. Philosophy mugs also make a great gift for your favourite Philosophy or Religious Studies teacher.

This ‘hard to get a handle on Philosophy’ mug names all the greats from Plato to Nietzsche. Perfect for a Philosophy student!

How about a ‘Freudian sip’ rather than a ‘Freudian slip?’ On this fabulous Philosophy mug, Sigmund Freud is quoted saying ‘When you say one thing but mean your mother!’

Nietzsche fans – is God Dead or is Neitzshce Dead? This is a great cup for fans of his Nihilist philosophy!

Into Philosophy and Astronomy? How about this heat sensitive constellations mug? Pour in your tea and coffee and the constellations will magically appear. Includes: Cassiopea, Perseus, Saggitarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion, Gemini.

If you like to drink tea or coffee while revising then this philosophers timeline mug is for you!

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