Why Study Philosophy?

Many students ask: “Why Study Philosophy?”  As mentioned in my last blog, Philosophy students are often amongst the most rounded and employable students. There are many advantages of being a philosophy student, that are subject specific and more generic.

Philosophy – Subject Specific Skills

The skills gained from a philosophy qualification include…

  • Report Writing Skills
  • Discussion skills
  • The ability to see things from other people’s point of view
  • The ability to provide evidence for an argument
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Be open to new ways of thinking.
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Other Skills of a Philosophy Student

However, in addition to these subject-specific skills, there are more generic skills gained from a philosophy degree, which make you well rounded and employable. According to prospects, the UK’s official graduate careers website, these generic skills include self-motivation and the capacity for independent study and thought.  A philosophy graduate can communicate clearly, prioritise work, meet deadlines and work well in a team.

Enjoy Philosophy!

Beyond these qualities, however, a key priority for studying A-levels or a degree is that you find the subject enjoyable.  And philosophy really is! You can enjoy a good debate or delve into the minds of some amazing thinkers such as Descartes.  You will have the opportunity to watch exciting movie’s like The Matrix and The Lovely Bones, then discuss their meaning.

Why study Philosophy? You will be intellectually stimulated, happy and employable!

I will be blogging again in the future to tell you about the best universities to study Philosophy.  So look forward to my future Philosophy Blogs!

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